Design, Building
(or rebuilding),
Implementation & Operating End to End Solutions

The last thing the world needs is another marketing agency. Since we started, we’ve always tried to be unique. Whenever a new client walks in or before we pitch in , we ask ourselves “why are we uniquely qualified to do this work?”. We have always been able to answer that question, honestly and at the heart of each solution is the “unique” customer
All Our Services are build tacking back and forth between art , science, practical ,principled, digital & human-centered design, data science and loyalty mechanics to create meaningful impact for our principals , partners & customers giving better business outcomes & bringing those audiences closer “together” that makes it all work.

Customer Loyalty Program

Comprehensive Loyalty, CRM solutions & Personalised programs that are brand aligned, operationally feasible & financially viable:
  • Stand-Alone Programs
  • Point Based Programs
  • Coalition Programs
  • Reward-Code Programs
  • Affinity Based Programs

Channel Loyalty Program

Balance customer research & behavioural analytics with human science and design thinking for best-in-class solutions allows for scalable growth
  • Dealer Loyalty Program
  • Claims Management
  • Rewards & Incentives
  • Sales Booster Activates
  • Gifts & Greetings
  • POP Handling

Influencer Marketing Initiatives

Tap & engage into existing community of individual specialists in their niches for better influence over an audience you might be trying to reach:
  • Identify the influencers
  • Connect with them
  • Incentivise the key influencers

Consumer Promotion Mgmt.

Independent campaigns managed and orchestrated across channels ( social , digital & in-store) to create a seamless experience:
  • Holiday, Movie Vouchers
  • Dial2Win
  • Gifts2Redeem
  • Travel Certificates
  • Scratch2Win
  • Reference Programs

Reward Fulfillment

Sourcing & Fulfilment of traditional and innovative reward solutions. Offering gift cards, merchandise and experiential rewards catalogues:
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Compliance

Advanced Data Analytics

Analyze Behaviours Across the Customer Journey / Program Performance or Data Across Channels via Flexible Data Analytics Tools:
  • Profiling
  • Segmentation
  • Churn models
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Response Analysis

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Streamline your rewards & employee recognition management for improvised exhibit of appreciation for their efforts for a variety of achievements:
  • Measuring employee performance
  • Delivering an end-to-end rewarding mechanism
  • Implementing a technology platform
  • Tracking the performance

Loyalty Management Software

Creativity & Technology Stack architected to leverage the latest technologies for solving complex problems & deliver results beyond expectations:
  • Websites & EDMs
  • Warranty Validation
  • Catalogues & Flyers
  • Welcome Kits
  • POS Promo Material
  • Lead Capturing

Call Centre Services

Cost-Effective Customer Contact Solutions for Outbound , Inbound, Online Support Services using Advance Technologies for On-demand scalability:
  • Welcome Calls
  • Service Helpdesk
  • Response Management
  • Address Verification
  • Payment Reminders
  • Tele-Sales

Got an Idea

We take your “great idea” and turn it into a reality, ensuring that it fits your
consumer marketing strategy and customers expectations.
Share with us and, let us execute your great ideas, into even bigger outcomes!