Diversity, Inclusion & Attitudes can be the make or break of a Loyal Relationship

Captive or indirect as representatives of a brand we realise that we could make or break the experiences customers have & their every single interaction across channels is the key to their loyalty/engagement hence “customers” have always been the “who” we always think first and design for across online, phone, mobile, and in-person.
For over a decade we have been solving - where you want to go & meet them where they are for customers across industries via mapping & charting a course to what if—drawing on behavioural and attitudinal data to quantify the impact at each touch point and objectively prioritize the upside of improving, removing or inventing the moments that matter most.


The challenge was to refine the strategy and improve the loyalty program of a major Paints Giant. Using data already gathered allowed us to intervene at vulnerable switch points where a customer might be tempted to move to a competitor’s brand, we crafted a points-based reward program for 35 branches to run their individual offerings and bringing together 20,000 painters to participate. Our ‘build-it-and-they-will come’ approach in customer engagement was more than just an achievement for our client.

 Means & Tools

Web / Mobile App / Missed Call / Whats APP

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We enabled the world’s leading camera manufacturer to do a consumer offer, where in they could create some excitement at shop-front; we successfully transformed their idea in a Scratch & Win Card Promotion to make a direct impact with customer’s, with a range of gifts, attracting all customer profiles. High Value Gifts like Honda Car et al got added into the attraction, whereas small gifts as assured prize made everyone a winner.

Means & Tools

Scratch Cards / Web / Live Chat

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Hotel Loyalty Program

With confusing members and complex reward systems in the hospitality industry, it was a challenge to overhaul loyalty program for one of the Indias’ finest Hotel chain. To deliver simplicity, value for customers and meeting the expectations of Independent Hotel Owners Over ROI, the new program focussed to cater the needs of frequent hotel guests and business travellers alike. The Personalized Loyalty Program offered better engagement, increased Share of Wallet and benefits like free night stays, complimentary breakfast and discounts and suite upgrades that suited all types of customers.

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Electrician & Retailers Loyalty

Another feather in our cap was the Retailer Incentive Program we conducted for the Global Leader in switches, sockets & electrical distribution. They approached us to design a campaign which could provide instant gratification and long-term benefits to electricians across the country. We exceeded their expectation by not only fulling the objective but also by integrating their Incentive Program within the Same campaign. The program was applauded for being convenient and having features like easy one Click redemption for Paytm, bank transfer and gift catalogues. Also, the loyalty app was made available on web, android and ios platforms which made the program easy to access and hassle-free.

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“Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings”

Clear statements & great visions and not, “striking gold” do not qualify as a vision. Vision & inspiration are important, but that is far from enough & now more than ever require precision performance including optimal organizational structures, infrastructure ,supporting processes, and excellent management of the organization’s human capital
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